It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-02 09:15:38 (UTC)

well, well, well, you never can tell....

well, well, well, my michelle! AFI covered that G n'R song.
pretty good version too. new years was prett tight, my
brother covered for me so i only had to work until 8. went
to deans for a little partay. only about 15 people there,
so it wasn't outta control, plus no one was drinking. good
friends, good times. a lot of my close friends were there
too, dave, giulia, marty, dean (obviously) joe g, and kate.
laura was all drunk from an earlier party, but she wasn't
an annoying drunk. we played twister, i got 3 nice butts in
my face, so that was cool, haha, im so preverted. we all
toasted with sparkling apple cider and white grape juice at
12:00, then went outside and screamed. me, joe, dean, ken m
and his little brother patrick went outside and played the
bottle game. it's like hacky sack, but we use our hands,
and a bottle instead of a sack. we're all retards, but it's
really fun, and kinda painful. after deans' mom kicked us
out, i went to dave's, and watched shrek. ill tell ya this,
that ain't no kids movie. that gingerbread man was
like "eat me" and shrek was like "i gotta save my ass".
that's for teenagers man. it was an ok flick though. kinda
cheesy, but it was fine.
my mom bitched at me when i got home, she was all like "do
you know what time it is" so i says, "13 to 7" and she's
like "7 oclock" so i said, "no, it's 13 minutes to 7." she
yelled about me not callng home n shit. "why would i call
home if you not even here?" she didnt' say much after that,
so i said to myself, "yeah, detroit what mom? detroit
what?" and went to my room. i slept until 5 in the evening,
meet up with giulia at target and used my gift card. i got
a chirt wiht the lemonhead guy on it, and mighty mouse.
plus some running pants and a mossimo hat. then we meet up
with dave and laura and ate at el charro, hit meijer for a
few hours, bursted those little cups of cream onn cars,
toilet papered this kids car (we hate him) and went home.
now im think im gonna go to bed. i gotta work at 9:30 and,
what a suprise, it's 4:16. peace.