the wanderer

doo-hickey nonsense
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2002-01-02 08:55:32 (UTC)

I should start believing in all those cliches!

"Love is blind." One of the countless amounts of cliches
that can be interpreted in many ways. One definition that
came to mind earlier this evening is the fact that it made
ME blind to certain obvious facts, that others picked up on
right off the bat, yet took me more than a year to. I now
know why, at least partly why, she's/you've been called a
whore, and other words similar to it. It was right there all
along, but not until viewing the film "Moulin Rouge" did I
put a finger on it. You see, you/she are a lot like Nicole
Kidman's character, in that, you wouldn't allow yourself to
be, well, yourself, for fear that a better situation might
come along, and exposing yourself to someone might hold you
back from "moving up". Also, like the character, you/she
started to let herself/yourself just feel, without thinking.
I kind of wish I hadn't come to this conclusion, for it will
open up a recently healed wound. Here we go again :(