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2002-01-02 08:04:15 (UTC)

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas and Happy Year, those of you that read my
diary :) And those who don't too, even though most of them
will never know I cared enough to say so.
Anyway.. I am writing this from my brand new just opened
tonight ergonomic keyboard that my rommie's parents were
wonderful enough to give my for Christmas... those people
rock! For those that don't know.. they are the split
keyboards and I had one for like a year and a half.. then
in Nevada some clutz spilled milk on it and ruined it... so
I had to use a normal keyboard for the most horrid of like
4 months.. but I have been rescued!
On a cooler note...Conrad did come to my motehr's for
Christmas.. and she let us sleep in the same bed too.. and
didn't even tell us not to hanky panky (my mom's favorite
phrase). However, it did take a long discussion the night
before about how people wouldn't care since I'm a grown
woman and can do what I want. I was proud of her. The only
thing she said is she better not hear anything coming form
the room or she would beat our asses.. so she didn't :) My
sister liked him and my mom thinks he's great. My cousin
Danny actually complimented both him and my roommate on how
much he liked them. I was very happy.
Conrad and I even talked some about me and him... it
seems he really wants to try to make this work, despite the
fact he's scared about the baby issue, he said it wasn't
enough to scare him off. And then he came and stayed all of
this past weekend and took me with him to a New Year's
party in kentucky where we got to stay there by ourselves..
without worry of anyone.. and all alone. He thanked me for
coming with him.. and said he wanted to be with me after
the baby was born and see if we can make it work. And he's
talked a couple of times about me and him after the baby's
born. Currently he's trying to decide if he wants to be
called when i go into labor or after the baby's born. I'd
love him to be there when she's born... it would be nice to
have that kind of emotional support.. not just friends and
family. But I understand his reluctance. I get the feeling
sometimes like he sees the baby as an obstical to overcome.
Certainly he talks about her and asks about things going
ona nd the doctor and is concerned, he even makes sure
people around us know so they curb the smoking or they know
I can't drink.. he's not shy about it or embarrassed, but I
feel like he doesn't want to get attatched to it in any
way. He avoids my belly alot unless I tell him she's
kicking or if he's just carressing my skin. Maybe I'm just
imagining things. Anyway.. I should probably got to bed.

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