Mysterious Attitude
2001-04-10 01:19:06 (UTC)

Monday April 9, 2001

8:14 pm

Today was a normal day really...all I did was go to school
and come home and listened to Jon B, got online, and
watched BET... I saw 2Pacs new music video.. i started to
cry lol.. I love that man... its too bad such a man with so
much talent had to be killed... and ohh yeah I talked to
this boy David on the phone today 4 the first time....
(Chris told me to IM him so I did and we ended up talkin on
the phone lol) He seems nice so far...And I hope we continute to keep
talking :) I have been thinking alot bout what Brad told me
yesterday.... I really want to talk to him.. I had a dream last night
bout this blue eyed blonde hair boy that I have never saw in my whole
life.. and oddly enough I think it was Brad... I don't know I haven't
saw him yet.. he is supposed to get me a picture soon.. so I can't
wait!! I'll let u know if that boy I saw in my dream was really him
or not... Well I gotta go now cuz I have nothin else to write bout
bye bye 4 now.