Nicolas Reyes
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2002-01-02 07:44:55 (UTC)

after new years

Let's see its the day after new years and I've gotten
pretty good with what I want cept for one. I think candace
is mad at me cause i told here what my intentions where for
the celebrationg but she should be greatfull to know that
nothing did happen and i did make the decision. Jared comes
back on thursday so i hope i can say hi. Lindsay called
again and was asting stupid but thats all in the past and
burried so i have nothing to worry about there. Life is
passing me by and i dont know what to do. Should i leave
and take jamie up on her deal i mean its far enough away
that it will be a good, but then again its so far awaya
from everyone and everything ive know all my life. is that
good or bad? Ahhh i hate life it sucks. but i guess thats
what makes life worth living. Anyways this year will be a
new beggining, although the question to leave still remains
and is tempting i cant fulfill what i want to do so i doubt
it but its still there an oppritunity. I shall live my life
with no worries from now on cause they just hold us back