2002-01-02 07:26:06 (UTC)

The 2nd Day of 2002 :p

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WELL...hey to whoeva is reading this...i'm always on here
lately cause it's holidays and the weather is totally crap,
so i cant really do anything else. So i decided i'd sign
up for this diary thing and nobody will probly be bored
enough to read this but ohh well.

I'm a 16 y/o girl from australia but i wont tell ya my
name :) (incase i say something that i dont want people to
know that i said)

I'm listening to micheal jackson...i've always kinda liked
his music but if you tell people that, they seem to want to
laugh in your face, so i keep that one to myself usually.
But i think that he's really talented and some of his songs
are so cool :P That's what i think anyway.

I'm really into music and i play drums but i'm not that
good yet..i've been playing for a pretty long time but i
never practise much so i guess that's my problem. It's fun
cause everyone thinks it's so cool that i'm a girl drummer
haha until they hear me play. Nah, i'm not that bad!!

Well today i did basically nothing...i made some bracelets
and i think i might give them to my friends girlfriend as a
really late christmas present, cause i bought him one and
then i felt so bad that i didn't get one for her as
well....but i didn't have enough money to get her one! So
i think i'll give her some of the bracelets i made and buy
a couple of other cheap ones to give her as well :) That
should be a good present should't it?

If you're bored like i am, i think that you should email me
and tell me about yourself...specially if you're close to
my age. [email protected]

Well that's about it from me
-WiTh aN X aNd aN O, I'm OuT LikE WoaH-

LiTTLe StaR xo

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