Magic of Mascara
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2002-01-02 07:21:25 (UTC)

Help...I need names!!!!

I got my sixth tattoo yesterday, or New Years Day rather.
Its on my right upper arm and it's of a Sailor jerry girl.
She's awesome and I'm looking for kick ass names for her so
if you have any old skool sailor chick names, hand em over.

New Years Eve: I went out with a close friend of mine and
we walked down to a house we used to hang out at all the
time and saw everybody down there, then I left and got a
phone call from my best friend Lizzy asking if I wanted to
come over and drink/sleep there. I get there and there's
this really cute kid and I end up going to Wawa with him
when everybody fell asleep and we talked a little and he's
really cute. I'm trying to get Liz to get the hook up
going, but she's no use.

I miss Jeff. God do I miss that kid. I wanna hang out with
him so freaking bad. Jeff Jeff Jeff. ARGH. Sunday, just a
few more days. Jeff....argh.