Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-01-02 06:51:46 (UTC)

Happy New Year!!

Last night was great, the CC wasn't all that much ,fun,
kinda a rip off really. Afterwards we hitched a ride with a
couple ( sooooo nice but we paid them) & partied @ VeK &
JeL's places...I partied till 7:30am & slept @ShM's place
till 4:30pm today...
JaC was there last night, looked really ugly & I looked
really hot which musta killed him hahahah. Didn't even make
eye contact ONCE with the creep. YAY!! Found his keys on
the table @JeL's place & StC helped me hide them in the
bathroom behind some bottles.....hahahaha.......hope he
still hasn't found them. It will prolly look obvious once
he does but if he hasn't then he's only got himself to
blame for losing them. I'll just deny deny deny if any one
asks. Shoulda known. I told him I always get even with
people. Dumb ass.
I'm tired & should be sleeping.....gotta go now.....