Blood and Chocolate
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2002-01-02 06:27:17 (UTC)

And thats kick your ass!!! *moon walk out*!

hey everyone!
whats up ? not much ! I have had quiet a day!loL! Steph
didn't leave till around 4:30 and then i babysat and then
got to use one of my favorite lines from a movie that i
(DCSA Barrymore star in) and the line is 'and thats kickin
your ass!' and then you moon walk out!and i actually got to
say it and do da moon walk after kickin someones ass! hit
me back to find out the details! lol if you wanna good
laugh youll wanna hit me back! anyways hmmmm i am bored!
loL! but Bosley is stayin on to talk to me !loL! hahA~
jeepers DCSA Diaz look what ya got me doin! hahA! ok I
gotta blaze!
Luv ya
~Da Caressin Scrub Angel Barrymore (aka: Nelly when i kick
ass i gotta be aka:nelly !! loL!)