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2001-04-10 00:51:25 (UTC)

Weathering the Storm

Color of the day: Haze
Emotion of the day: Thunderstorm

It is indeed thunderstorming here after a day of heat and
humidity and haze. I am yet unprepared for this weather.
Very much like my mind, rapidly changing. A moment while I

What is it that causes me to change from happy one moment
to masochistic the next? The wind is banging my shutters.

Honestly. I like how the thunderstorm is destroying the
arrangement of items on my window-sill. It is more to
clean up later, but less I have to destroy myself.

I will not cut. I will not.

I don't have enough depth or clarity today to be emerald.
I feel shallow and cloudy. The benefits of being a gem is
being able to choose one's type.

On a disputed plane of existence,