lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-02 05:46:55 (UTC)

you get what you deserve

ok so i was being kinda mean tonight, just cuz i'm weird
and the boys had been farting in the sauna for a few
minutes so it smelled sooo rank. anyway, as i was leaving
the sauna, i turned out the lights (which are on the
outside), so the boys were trapped inside with their
evildoings. ewww. haha but they started screaming & i
felt very successful.

but then i slipped down the icy stairs, BARELY catching
myself before i became roadkill. and then this 4-yr-old
boy walking down the street said, "what's your name?" so i
told him it was lindsay. then he said, "ohh, i thought you
were a boy so i thought you were christopher. you look
like a boy, that's why i thought you were christopher. you
really do look like a boy!" uhh thaaanks. and then his
mom walked by and she didn't do that sorta bashful
apologize-for-your-son kinda thing. instead she said,
almost mockingly, "took a nasty spill up there, didn't ya?"