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2002-01-02 05:10:19 (UTC)


ok my title sucks but hey everyone other diary will most
likely have an entry about New Years Eve in the title i
wanted to be different but of course its a lil about New
Years Eve but NOT ALL

ok you know how i liked #25 well thats not gonna happen but
what can happen is i can look for a guy how shares the same
qualities as #25. that would soo work

New Years Eve was fun. yes Derick was there. Emily and#25
were Missing in Action but i could have cared less about
those to last nite. i had lots of fun. Andrew was there so
i hung out with him alot. i also noticed this cute guy that
goes to Oakland is currently a sophmore and he is also a
Christain which is pretty cool so that could happen
eventually. but the thing is that i cannot date alone w/
just my bf until i am 16 so i am gonna have to date in
groups for 2 years if i do date an older guy btu if he
really likes me and cares about me than he would respect my
parents choice for me.

i am gonna get baptized soon. i was scared but i prayed with
Becky platz, a former teacher or mine, on New Years Eve. i
decided that i really wanted to be baptized. so yeah i will
keep you all posted on that

well gots to go



ps.if you think that a sophmore is still a lil old tell me
but keep in mind that i would date him when i am a freshman
and him a jr but thats if everything works but i still just
think this is cute so its not like i