Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-02 05:06:27 (UTC)

Tiny Dancer

God I love this song.....especially after a day like
today.....I haven't really listened to the words or
anytning like that but it calms me and kinda makes me want
to cry......weird I know.....who wants to cry....but
sometimes it is good to cry.... Today me parents got in a
fight and my mom told my dad she was leaving him.....
I'll be ok though I think, I just need to cry.
Danny found someone new....Amanda Reves..... I am
happy for him but maybe a little sad because now I am not
being sought after by anyone.....but that would not be
fair for him to continue what he felt for me if it was
going nowhere....
I haven't talked to David in a couple of days but I
know I shouldn't care....that will go nowhere as well....
I wish I was worth caring someone I
completly adored.....yeah that would be wonderful...
I have to go to school tomarrow.....that is going to
suck so badly. I can't stand the constant stares I know I
will get tomarrow....I will be looked up and down and
people will be silently thinking, "ugh what a fat
failure," I'm sorry I don't play softball.....I'm sorry I
am not the right weight......I'm sorry I am just me.....
But, ok, I don't feel like dwelling on that. I spent
most of the day at the office stuffing envelopes my
fingers are cut up so badly but anyway Greg was up there
and I talked to him for a while.... It's weird he makes
me feel good about myself! What a difference from what I
am used to.....

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