musings under the sun
2002-01-02 05:02:05 (UTC)

deliver me

D. mentioned sarah brightman. yeah...she's absolutely
brilliant! my favorite song by her is deliver me. it's cool
in a new age sort of way...or something. she also has a
really pretty voice--and an extremely large voice range.

D.: e and i got into a fight? oh, the horror! i couldn't
find it (sims) today when i went shopping...although i
wouldn't have had any money to spend on it anyways. i
bought MORE clothes! like i need 'em. *and*, i got hit
on...*blushes*...more than once. but i'll call you tomorrow
when i get home and tell you about it. we're leaving
sometime in the morning, and should arrive home in the
early afternoon. we still have to stop by the mall and pick
up the other lord of the rings books, however. hmm...i saw
one large book that had all three in it...i might just grab
that one.

i don't have much to say tonight. i need to get to bed,
though. it's almost 11 and i have to be up super early.
later to all.

shouts to:
D., sam and Girl Interupted...i know you e mail me, Girl,
but i completely forgot your name. sorry! my bad.