Whenever * Whatever
2002-01-02 04:55:12 (UTC)

Same Crap, Different Digits.

I couldn't tell you why I decided to make my personal life
public. I guess that's just the way I am sometimes. I'll
plead temporary insanity and that will just have to get me
off if this is ever used against me. It seems to work for
every one else. *Hehe*

You'll probably see me gripe a lot in here. Isn't that what
it's for? I just thought I might tell you a little bit
about why. (1) I lived in Virginia most of my life. I loved
it, and it was the only place I've really ever been happy.
Well, to make a long story parents decided that
their marriage wasn't going the way it should and for this
deranged moment they got a wacked up idea that if they
moved to North Carolina and started a new life together
that every problem would magically disapear. It amazes me
that people who call themselves real adults can be such
rejects! Well, that was 8 months ago and they're now
legally separated. Does this bother me? Not one single bit.
I never liked the man my mom married anyway. He's only my
dad because he signed adoption papers. My major malfunction
is that I am stuck in North Carolina now. Does it sound
like a twisted version of Days of Our Lives yet? If
not....keep reading....if so....grab some tissues.

I do have just a few more hang-ups about being in North
Carolina....(1) My boyfriend of 2 years (Ronnie)....he's
wonderful by the way....still lives in Virginia. I don't
get to see him as much as I would like to, but hey I get to
see him. I miss him like hell, and I love him bunches. He's
like my every thing and I couldn't live without him. (2) My
best friend (Amanda) still lives there too. Enough said!
Can you feel my pain yet? *Lol* You can make any situation
funny, but it still royally sucks ass.

I do however look on the bright side, and that sunny little
side is this: (1)I start college in June, and I will be
there one full year taking dental assisting. After
that....I am moving my big white ass back to Virginia where
I will move in with Amanda and live happily ever after.
It's all good and that's all I can think to bitch about

XoXo, Aleah

P.S. Did I mention that I turn 17 in March, have already
graduated high school, work a full time job at that
wonderful place we all have in common called Wal-Mart and I
make a very large car payment that I am stuck with until
April? Cool, 'cause I sort of thought I forgot to mention
all that.