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2002-01-02 04:47:57 (UTC)

Sasha Captured (Part I) - [04:15] May 4, 2355

Sasha looked out at the desolate, barren savannah of
Southern Africa through her binoculars as she straddled
her Scorpion hoverbike. She and her partner, an impatient
male named Tamer, were out here searching for an alleged
untainted human colony. There weren't having much luck
finding it, though.

Untainted human colonies, that is, human settlements that
hadn't been found and infiltrated by South African humans
and brainwashed against Amians, were very hard to come by,
and when they were found, it required extreme speed and
skill to locate them and convince them that Amians were
the "good" guys. That was where Sasha and her outfit came
in. They were recruited specifically for the job.

Sasha lowered the binoculars and sighed. She looked over
at Tamer, who was leaning on the control panel of the bike
and examining a twig held in his left hand. "Well, I don't
see it. Maybe Recon made a mistake. Maybe there isn't-"

Tamer snorted and shook his head, straightening. "No way.
I did not get up at three-thirty in the morning to come to
the conclusion that Recon screwed up. Sorry." He crossed
his arms across his chest.

Sasha sighed and put the binoculars back away into a
compartment on the side of her bike. "Well, I don't see
it," she repeated, then rubbed the chin of her helmet as
she thought. "I guess we could just radio Recon back and-
" She suddenly broke off as a whirring roar filled the
air. Both Amians whipped their heads around to see a trio
of advanced Comanche helicopters bearing down on them.
Sasha cursed and smashed a fist down on her powered-down
control panel. "Of all the times to-" She broke off again
as a barrage of machine-gun fire traced up behind her
bike. Tamer yelled at her to take off and move, and she
keyed the engine to life and kicked off. Tamer followed
close behind.

Sasha watched the plains in front of her and her computer
targeting system at the same time as she raced over the
ground at over 320 kph. "Tamer! We can't just run! We've
got to turn and fight them! On my mark!" She looked over
her shoulder and waited for the choppers to break form for
just a second...

"Sasha! Break left! Now!" She suddenly turned back
around in time to see the wall of a...house? Her eyebrow
raised slightly as she yanked hard on the left handle of
her bike, veering just barely to the left of the wall. The
three helicopters did likewise, two veering left and one
going right.

"Mark!" Sasha put a foot down as her Scorpion jinked into
a full turnaround and she immediately kicked back off, now
facing the choppers. A bead of sweat slid down her
forehead as she lifted the nose of the bike just slightly
to bring the missile launchers to bear. She squeezed the
trigger on the left handlebar and the bike lurched as a
missile dove out of the nose. "Away!"

The two Comanches facing them split away from one another
as the missile tracked to the one on the left and caught
the middle of its tail, exploding violently in a ball of
orange flame. The disabled machine spun into the ground just a few
yards from the house and exploded. "One down!"

The helicopter that had not been targeted now regained its courage
and turned to face the two Scorpions, hydra missiles flashing out of
the wing-mounted pods on either side in quick succession, four
slamming the ground near the two Amians. "Move!" They took off
again. The Comanche now added the chaingun to the hydra barrage,
pelting the ground and the backs of the bikes. "Evasive!" They
started dodging back and forth, taking many less hits, now.

Sasha looked frantically around for an escape route, but could only
find the residential street of the human colony that they'd been
charged to find earlier that morning. "Come on, Tamer! Full double
afterburner! We're going into town!"

Tamer simply had to add a smart remark. "Curses! And I forgot to
wear my good dress!" They kicked their Scorpions into high gear and
blasted into the town with the chopper, now joined by his formerly
separated companion, hot on their tails.