Diary of the Family Dracul
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2002-01-02 04:13:55 (UTC)

Whew...and a few minutes later

Ok, NOW I remember what it is I wanted to write. So I
babysat on New Year's, didn't turn out to be too much a bum
ride. As I was watching the kids, their older brother's,
who shall remain nameless, friend Chad called for him. He
wasn't there, and I had to put him down gently. Whoa, did
that guy EVER have thE hottest voice. Okay you can smack
me, I know I made a mistake the last time when I hung to
someone cause he had a hot voice, but come on, I'm not
gonna go for the guy, I just liked it. ALOT. Plus, it was
really fun babysitting the baby boy, Quentin. He's really a
doll, and I think I'll turn out to be a pretty cool mother
when the time comes to be one. Kids aren't so bad; explains
why they like ME so much. Meanwhile, I got enough money to
buy that skirt at Kohl's that I wanted before school starts
again so I can wear it back on the 7th. I sure hope they
have my schedule all set. C ya....:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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