2001-04-09 23:54:52 (UTC)

Another windy day

April 9, 2001-It's another windy day in Ellensburg...Around
the 5th Jim came home and ran into the house, he never
runs..Then he came out of the house and sat in his truck
for a few minutes...Then went back into town.. Yesterday,
Someone came and picked up a horse...It may not be long
now..I'm still not drinking but I think about
drinking...Steve was really depressed for about four
days..He is better now....On Sunday he was low about four
times....He is doing everything right..I wish we new what
makes that happen...I'm going to paint the bathroom
tomorrow..It may be an ugly green...I'm going to do it
anyway.....Steve went to Yakima today to get lumber for the
fence.. It's cedar and cost $300.00...Not good looking
cedar but cedar......Steve's happy!!!!!Steve told his dad
that he can not build another house for him...His mom said
that she could help build the house.....She said that she
has been around it enough to build one....I think it was
just a quilt trip.....I hope Steve doesn't go for it.. We
are going over to Karen's on Sunday...It will be great to
see her new house.. Irene and Bob will be there.. I hope
that Steve's mom and dad don't start talking about Steve
not building the house...

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