for show and tell
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2002-01-02 03:35:09 (UTC)

holy flaming mother or poo

so, my dad says, "hey there, hon, i think i'm gonna give
you an account in alexsam (our domain)". i'm like, "woah-
ho, wait! whyyy? i'm gonna lose everything!" so says
he, "i just want to give you one because if you sign on to
the local accounts, you bypass a lot, and we can get
infected. and since your computer is connected to
everything else, there goes the farm!!" so he gave me a
new one..

i'm so sad.. nothing works.. *gasp* napster might not even
work! that's where all my music is! i cannot LIVE without
music!!! *GASP* it doesn't work!!!! i can't believe it....
he says everything will work, but nooooo~ it doesn't!! i'm
so pissed..