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2002-01-02 03:08:44 (UTC)

Amanda This Is How... write me back when you read this

go to
click on people and chat
go to the bottom of the page where it says get connected,
click msn messenger
press download now
when the next page pops up itll say "download now" again,
click it
a save box will come up press run from current location
then click ok
after that you should pretty much figure it out on your own, putting
in your own information, but when its downloaded it should have a
little icon at the bottom of your screen of like a little blue
person, click it and your friendslists should pop up. go to the
bottom of it where it says add a contact, and press next then type in
[email protected] then press next and finnished.

Go to click on messenger
go down to where it says GET IT NOW
press download for windows and let it all download, a box will pop up
click next, press next then next, then click the square that says i
accept, then click next, and next again this part may take about 10
min to download, then after everyhting is through click finnish,
somewhere in all this youll have to fill your information
out................and at the bottom of the screen it should have a
yellow smiley with the Y behimd it click on it and your friendslist
should pop up, click on where it says add, and type in ashleynmccoy,
that should be it