Joselin The Mexican
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2002-01-02 03:06:04 (UTC)


Ok so it was my birthday today, 18 years... holy shit
right? Right… anyway it sucked, I’m sad, depressed
desperate, I don’t know what for. My fucking mother called
crying as all hell, why the fuck does she do this every
year??? Every damn year I here the phone ring and I know
its her… crying, and saying how another year passed us by
and we are apart, how I{m growing up with out a mother, and
yada yada yada , bulshit bullshit bullshit, why the heck
would some one call you on your birthday, and get you down
by fucking crying?
Plus and far away from home, where I have my real friends
and people who give a damn about me, i.e.: Katy & Sam. But
anyway this morning I wake up my head hurts, I am nauseous
I want to vomit again, I had to throw up all the cheep ass
alcohol of the night before because I went with some girls
to a night club where we bought Bacardi, the worst quality
alcohol in the world. Well I was sick most of the day and
the first thing Noema tells me when I see her is ¨you’re
mother called¨ after I had fucking told them that I didn’t
want to talk to her at least today, and not to give me
messages, but yea right! Piece of shit… God! I’m
pissed off. Shit. Anyway today was a piece of crap. Yes it
was and I wanna go back home tomorrow but I can’t . anyway
I’ll right later when I’m not so upset.