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2002-01-02 02:04:05 (UTC)

New Years Day

So obviously, last night was new years eve. its 2002. thats
so strange. break has been pretty uneventful. i work, and i
hang out with rachelle mostly. i called grant to say happy
birthday, and he was a little too excited to hear from me.
he called me back later. then he called me twice the next
day and the next. i don't really have a huge desire to talk
to him...he's fun to talk to, but i'm not waiting by the
phone. but its nice to feel wanted. i called today to say
happy new year, but he didn't pick up, so i left a message.
i wonder if he'll call back...

found out rosalva is sleeping with her 2 boys right now. i
wish she had more self respect. i wish she would make them
get tested. i really worry about her.

yesterday i dyed my hair red again. its a little less
bright, but i really like it. then last night rachelle and
i went downtown. it was really fun. we saw a bunch of
people. then we saw stephen ledoux, so naturally we stalked
him all night and finally talked to him after midnight. he
got rachelle's number and then called us at 2 in the
morning. so naturally we're totally stoked. so we went to
hang out with him and some girl's house. it was really
weird. dave torres, joey rogers and stephen being was like junior high. creepy. he turned out to
be wasted and stupid, so as much as that didn't pan out, it
was fun. its weird being with rachelle because she was so
popular in high school, so she knows all these people that
i've never talked to. sometimes its really uncomfortable,
but for the most part, its fine. but the party was pretty
entertaining. when we were just sitting there we kept
getting hit on. it was really weird. i could swear its the
red hair. its also weird to get hit on with rachelle
standing next me... at one point she said that my hair was
my "thing" like her boobs are her "thing." part of me was
excited and part of me was not because i don't want to feel
lame when i don't have red hair anymore. but then today i
was having a really shitty day and she called me just to
say that she doesn't think that red hair had anything to do
with getting hit on and what not, its just that i had more
confidence with it. so that was really nice. i was really
glad she called. i felt much better after talking to her. i
hope if get my period soon. i can tell i'm pmsing. this is
no good. i hate this feeling. i was in the worst mood
earlier, and there was no real reason for it. i just wanted
to scream and be by myself or something...i don't know. it
was frustrating. but i'm feeling better now.

jason and andy called me last night :-) i miss them. i
wish andy was coming back. i'm glad i'll get to see
everyone else soon. i don't want to go back though. i don't
want to keep pledging. i haven't studied at all. i'm gonna

and my car is still all messed up. it has to be smogged,
get new tires and i need my stereo fixed. joe stuck a
mentos package into my cigarette lighter and my stereo
won't turn on now. we checked the fuses, but they're all
fine, so i'm really hoping its not an expensive fix. i
wouldn't know what to do if it was. i don't want to make
him pay for it, but i don't have any money either, and i
really hate not having a radio. its weird how such a little
thing could make such a huge difference.d

life is generally very good though. i have my health and my
family and friends. maymanah hasn't called me back, but
whatever. i'm sure she has some superbly ritcheous reason
for it. we'll see. new years was fun though, and i'm glad
we didn't go out of town.

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