Inside my mind
2002-01-02 01:34:50 (UTC)

First day of 2002

Well, I'm finally going to go get my permit tomorrow. N in
two years I'm gonna get my ass the hell outta this lame
state!!! Man I can't wait. New York or South Carolina here
I come. I chose those 2 states b/c those r my top 2 choice
colleges I wanna go to...University of South Carolina n
Syracuse University. I'm gonna b a smart ass major in
Sports Medicine, b/c I love sports n who wouldn't wanna b a
trainer for a bunch of hot, muscular, sweaty guys? HELLO!!!
Perfect job for me. LoL Aight Later yal...I'm more
interested intalking to Josh then writting in here!!! Total
hottie!!! Oh yeah Happy New Year!!!