2002-01-02 01:33:33 (UTC)


hey all, what happinin? not a whole lot herr, lol my lil
friends are soo funny, (stephy,nelly) haha drunk as a mo
fucker lol! its hilarious! well how was everyones new
years? mine kinda sucked ass, im crippled, and couldnt
exactly go do anything, so yeah it sux! well i have a
really really really good friend coming to see me, a friend
of my cus's (girl yes for all u wondering) and we are gonna
send not this weekend but the next weekend togther!! i cant
wait! its gonna kick ass! well i guess ill be gettin the
hell outta herr thenn, hehE(stephy!) cause im bored as
hell, and i just woke the up~! been sleeping for about 3
hours or so, and i feel much better now!!! well im outta
herr, later peeps. im out