Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2002-01-02 01:07:44 (UTC)

New years!!!

Hey all!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I can't believe that it is 2002!
yipee! Well anyways, last night was a blast! Oh man was it
fun! Laura's went so fast we were all like woah! It was
hilarious, we were all like going spaztic when the ball
dropped! Well wait, I was going spastic anyways, lol, there
were a few others that were too kinda. Then we went back to
Kara's house, and oh my gosh was that a good time. We
watched a Knight's Tale. Heath Ledger is really hot just
FYI! And then we just talked and ate and acted stupid! We
didn't go to bed until like 530!! Some forkin(hehe becca
kara jo and kara!) ass holes kept callin kara's house last
night and hanging up. This started at 3 o clock in the
morning mind you. So we * 69ed them and found out it was
someone from East Peoria who we've never even heard of!
Isn't that crazy?!? Eventually around 530 we fell asleep,
and then karas mom woke us up at 1230, she made us cinnamon
rolls! YUM! yup yup, then after that, we played nintendo
for about3 more hours, lol, and now I am home, and I feel
so incredibly tired that I think I'm dead. lol. But yah, I
don't have that much to say right now, school starts in two
days! ahh!

Oh ya, and me and rebecca and kara jo decided that we are and always
will be the coolest people in washington!!!!!!

Godbless and love ya'll!

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