My life
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2002-01-02 00:39:24 (UTC)

Jan 1, 02

Not going to write about my New Years Eve, nothing exciting
really happened, had fun, but nothing great, I've had
better times in my life....this morning Jamie called and
woke me up and said that she wanted to go out, because she
had to show me the new necklace that her BF...kinda BF, who
knows what he is, got her...and we talked and all that
stuff, cashed her check, went to Victoria's Secret and
tried on new bras and stuff...a sales lady told me that I
had great breasts and I wasn't sure what to take that I told Jamie I wanted to leave. So we went to
rents movies and watched....Love Stinks...hilarious movie.
But didn't get to see the end because Jamie had to go to
work at I came home and my family was all
here...Gram, Aunt, 2 cousins....I cleaned my room a bit,
listened to my new CD' family had dinner, porkchops
and saurkraut...but I didn't eat, I dunno...wasn't hungry,
so then I came online...talked to Justin, he was freaking
out because he called me last night and I wasn't home...oh
lord, so he was pissed off...and he stayed home, blah blah
blah because he's so "in love" with me. Whatev, he got over
it after we talked for awhile. Anyways...I'm getting off
line now, gonna go read my book and take a shower.

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