le soleil et la lune
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2002-01-02 00:35:49 (UTC)

silly string

How did I spend the first few moments of 2002? Pulling
silly string off of CJ's coat so that he wouldn't hyper-
ventilate. I failed to complete my new year's resolution
from last year which was to get my new year's kiss this
year:( However, I'll deal. I always do. I'm getting
prety good with this disappointment stuff.

I was in a good mood today until some lady told me I needed
an attitude adjustment which I don't understand b/c when
I'm in a good mood I am nice to people. From there it was
a downward spiral. I wanted to go hang out tonight, but
Amanda's mom wouldn't let her since she was out so late
last night, and I don't want to bug CJ since he might
already have plans or something. Besides who would want
someone in a mopey mood to hang around them? PLus I spent
a good deal of my day thinking about one of my other new
year's resolutions, and the more I thought about it, the
harder it seemed, but I really need to do this one. It
will make me a lot happier.

Patina and Liz got into it today. I mean, really. I know
that Patina was just kidding, but like me, Liz wasn't in
the best of moods and Patina pushed it too far.

But anyway, if anyone reads this before midnight and still
wants to hang out with mopey ole me, just call me or e-mail
me. I'm going to read some Harry Potter so I should be
getting into a better mood. Oh, and I don't have to got to
work till 4:30 tomorrow!!!! It will almost seem like a day
off(since I haven't had one since Christmas).