Borrowed Light
2002-01-01 23:58:46 (UTC)

is this hello or goodbye?

well hence the title im confused whether to say hello or
goodbye at the start of this entry...

you see it is often polite to say hello at the start of
every entry except this one was specially made to say
goodbye to all my fellow my-diary.org'ers. well im not
leaving for good... just starting a new diary, maybe here
maybe elsewhere...

this one bores me know. it served its purpose for its time,
but i need a new style and stuff. people never read my
whole diary to get to the current day me anyway its too
long, and i have changed alot, the old me gets kind of
irrelevant anyway.

so goodbye all my readers.. 5 or 6 to date!

i love you lots and if you so wish to know my new diary
link then you can email me... ok goodbye!


no quote it just doesnt seem fitting