*Jill's Thoughts*
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2002-01-01 23:51:51 (UTC)

*New Years*

Hey Everyone! I guess I'll tell ya about my new years!
Well....we went to this club called "Graffiti" And it was
SOOO lame so me britt, and chelsea left and started walking
it Applebee's. IT WAS LIKE 0 degrees outside...it was
sooooo cold. When we get there the ladys like "oh we just
closed" i was like HELL NO! so we had to walk all the way
to Perkins. I was soo cold. We sat at Perkins for 2 1/2
Hours....it was really fun tho cuz we were SO hyper. Then
my ma picked us up and we told her we were gunna spend the
night at Brittany's but really we called Josh and he picked
us up and brought us to this party. We ended up sleeping
over! it was so fun. Mike Nuruer was so drunk i just could
not stop laughing. so now im tierd as hell and could pass
out right here. But yea...Nicole was at another party with
Jay and Kayla and he told her to tell me he doesn't like me
anymore cuz Kayla means the world to him and that i'm just
like his Best Friend. I feel like crying so hard. I just
don't know what to do. He means the WORLD to me!!! I don't
get how guys can just lead you on like that. I don't know
if i should eather yell at him or just be like oh its okay
we can just be friends..ya know? GOD. I could kill him tho
for doing that to me. Anywayz....we gotta go to school
tomorrow and i have TONS of homework so i g2g! i'll ttyl

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