mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-01 23:24:29 (UTC)

Jan 01 2002 - a new year, a new car.....

Well, we needed to get a van, so we did..... saw a 93
plymouth grand voyager w/for sale sign, Lisa called on it
yesterday, took it for drive today, and left a deposit on
it. It is a great looking & running van.
pw,pl,ac,cruise,am/fm cass, it is everything we need. I
hope all turns out well for us, now we need to seriously
get on a budget. I love Lisa , she is my soulmate, she is
trying her best to help me live within our means. I need
her so much, I have never felt the love i do from her.
that is all i am gonna write for now, got a slight
headache,and need to eat. Take care, all comments are