ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-01-01 23:19:51 (UTC)

Sick and Tired,Crazy and Bored...When Will It End?

hello ya'll.well i hope everyone had a kewl new years...my
wasnt too bad..i didnt have that bad of a hangover this
morning and me and my mom went to the mall..she bought me a
sweater and a leatherface doll.its soooo awesome...when you
squeeze it he growls and makes chainsaw noizez..i love
it.thanx moms.well my dad finally left thank fucking
god ..so that means i dont have to go to NC .I havent heard
from Steve all day.he hasnt called or been online.it suckz
i cant call him cuz i dont have a phone card yet...i need
to go get one.well i feel like shit..i think i ate too much
today and ive been cleaning non-stop.i dont want to go to
skool tommorrow...oh dear god not skool.well my mom needs
to make a phone call and i need to go get a shower soon and
try and find steve.

*** M-C-L Everyone ***