Intellectual's Realm of the Unknown
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2002-01-01 21:51:06 (UTC)

What I am doing right now.

I am doing nothing right now. I just thought I tell
everyone that. It sometiems can be useful, doing nothing.
Oh, but I am about to play the Sims. There is a big saga
and it involves 5 people. B, C, D, J, and E. C and E got
into a slapping fight earlier it was bad. Then our kitchen
caught on fire and we called the fire department but J was
stuck in the door and the firemen couldn't get into the
house. It was just, awful. We have $2,500 though, so it's
going good. I already bought a new refrigerator, too.
That isn't spelled right, but thats's alright. I hate
getting acquainted with diaries. I always need something
to write about at first. But then after a little while, I
just write about whatever I feel. Like in English class.
Yes, english class. The one with the gay teacher. But not
the one with the really thick glasses. He just has mildy
thick glasses. I really don't want to go back to school on
THURSDAY. I will never be able to get up. Oh, C., I went
to bed at 4 last night. We watched Cruel Intentions before
we hit the sack. I am going to go though. Cya!