Visions Of Life
2002-01-01 21:50:14 (UTC)

One By One..

One By One They All Disappear...

One By One I Move On
Vanish In The Darkness
Hide From Others
Toss Aside Attachment
And Disappear In My Mind
Ive Been Called
The Angel From Hell
Playing With Others Emotions
Since Mine Are Far Too Gone
Breaking Hearts
Breaking Minds
Breaking Sanity
Struggling In My Eternity
Wanting Love
Isolation As Well
I Want You To Need Me
Crave Me
Cherish Me
But Dont Expect The Same
I Am Detached
So Far Gone In The Darkness
Battered By The Night
Cool To The Touch
Can I No Longer Love?
Can I Feel?
Take You In?
LET You Love Me?
One By One
I Toss Them Aside
As I Slip Further Away
Where Only One Can Find Me
And Bring Me Into The Moonlight