Visions Of Life
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2002-01-01 21:28:13 (UTC)

Screw A Kangaroo... Yeah.. And Other Oddities Of The New Year...

Hmmm.. My New Years Eve was cool.. all chill and stuff..
and I was actually a good girl.. lol.. I am shocked..
something has come over me.. but not sure what..

Im a lil tid bit tipsy right now.. I dont like this
feeling.. I hate it when my mind is fuzzy.. Not Good. But
this strawberry vodka is sooo good! lol.. So I am all
enjoying my drinks and stuff and at the same time yelling
at myself for drinking this beverage of evil.. so.. yeah...
I dont know what the fuck is up with me..with life.. la de

And Now.. My Crazyness Of The Day!! The Following Thingies
Are From An Instant Messenger Convo I Had Earlier.. Enjoy!!

tinachic82: we should join a lesbian
xxxxx: lmao
xxxxx: I dont think so lol
tinachic82: why not? *laughs* girls are.... okay..
sometimes.. when gagged... and drunk... and..
xxxxx: yeah and a pain in my ass (that'll
never happen) girls are so much worse to deal with
then guys
tinachic82: i know.. lol
tinachic82: girls suck..
tinachic82: hmmm...
lidaife79: lol
xxxxx: thats why guys like em so much lol

tinachic82: i have soooo lost my mind
xxxxx: yes, Iknow this already lol
tinachic82: all i want is a gothic hottie who either
writes or paints.. is that so much to ask??
xxxxx: yes it is
tinachic82: why???
tinachic82: lol
tinachic82: id even settle for one or the
xxxxx: cuz no one is perfect, so whateer you ask
for isnt enough... unless you ask for too much, and
then yeah its too much
tinachic82: umm...yeah...
xxxxx: I mean you want a gothic artist- who is an
alcoholic? who is obsecive compulsive, and wont
ever leave his house?
tinachic82: lol
tinachic82: kk.. now ya ,make sence
xxxxx: you want a gothic artist who dosent have
issues (we alllll have issues) lol
tinachic82: i want a gothic artist who can give
me the damn html/javascript code for my damn
lil boxes *laughs*

xxxxx: yes but bud is a 'gateway' drug,
remember??? lol
tinachic82: *laughs*
xxxxx: or a 'getaway' drug lol however you look
at it
tinachic82: gateway, my ass.. maybe a gateway
to some kinky strobelight sex

xxxxx: no! screw a kangaroo!!
xxxxx: lol
tinachic82: hmmm.... can ya fuck the lil pouch or
is that off limitz
tinachic82: *giggles*
xxxxx: off limits, but you CAN fuck IN the lil
xxxxx: hehe
tinachic82: hmmm
tinachic82: kinky
tinachic82: all the kickass sexual nerve endings
are in the pouch.... so why would it be offlimits
or does sexual fluid in the pouch feel better then
the actual penetration? *laughs*
tinachic82: lmfao
tinachic82: still laughin
tinachic82: still laughin..fuck
xxxxx: oh my
tinachic82: wow
tinachic82: im impressed
xxxxx: by?
tinachic82: me
tinachic82: my wit.. my vision
tinachic82: my GREATNESS!!!

tinachic82: anyways.. shakira is my goddess..
my one columbian love... *sigh* *giggles*
seriously tho.. i have been stricken by her
venom of looove.. lol..

Okay.. That Had No Point But I Am Amused.. *laughs*

Hmm.. *walka away, hanging her head in shame*