Product of a Broken Home
2002-01-01 21:16:41 (UTC)


yeah, so its new years day, and i still haven't come up
with a resolution that i can fail at yet

lets see...

i resolve to learn to control my feeling better around
certain individuals, and to let myself go in them with
others. i resolve to be more cheerful, and more open to be
who deserve to know the "real" me. i'm going to smile for
at least five minutes everyday, and not feel guilt when i
need to cry. i'm going to stop trying to save the world,
and focus on the people i care about most. i promise to be
nicer to everyone, especially annette, cause i honestly
don't know how she puts up with me, and to keep my
sarcastic comments to myself. i promise to stop doing
things to make other ppl uncomfortable. i promise to stop
being so self-destructive and to start caring about what
happens to myself.

there, is that enough sappy bullshit that i know will all
probably be broken within the first day back at school if
not sooner...

oh, i forgot, i also resolve to give xan a hug everyday i
see him, because the boy just does not hug enough and its
not cool...

that is all

jesykA/makeyka/chickadee/yet unknown nickname