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2002-01-01 21:09:03 (UTC)


A new year to start out fresh...


I'm bursting with joy. [ twirl finger with great enthusiasm]

I'm not even going into what my New Year Eve celebration
was like.. it's not even worth mentioning is it B? ^___^

Any way... my New Year Resolution before I can forget or
totally break finding that " Dream Guy" who works
in a flower shop..trying to sell me flower seeds.

Don't laugh.

It isn't funny...

[Sigh] Go on and laugh..

Ah.. my new fav. anime now is Socerous Stabber Orphen!

Orphen is such a Bisheoun! [drools]

[Glomps Orphen around the neck, oblivious to the fact that
he's turning blue]

Orphen: [ grasping for air as he tries to struggle] Let go
of me you, Brat!

[giggles] Mou, Phen-chan..stop being so mean!

Orphen: [ eyebrow twitches] Phen-chan!? PHEN-CHAN!? [
mysterious blue aura appears around him] Sword of light, I
release thee!

[ Blast Muses across the room]


[Dust herself off and scratch her head in confusement]

Oi, you didn't really have to do that Phen-chan. [ attaches
herself to one of Orphen arm]

[Orphen scowls as he reluctantly let Muses glomp him]

Orphen: [points to far off place..somewhere far.] Oi,
what's that!?

[ looks around frantically] What!? What!?

[Orphen slyly tries to sneak off]

[pouts] Phen-chan.. trying to use that 'let me point to an
obscure place as I sneak away while she is way to busy
looking for the place that i pointed ploy'?

Orphen: [turns SD] I WAS NOT!

[wags finger in front of SD Orphen] Yare, Yare! Naughty

SD Orphen: [grumbles] I'm on a mission you know.

[Nods] I know... [gets a crazed look on her face]

SD Orphen: [panics as he waves his arm and leg in the air]
What is up with that face! Stop it! You're freaking me out!

[wipes look off her face] I was wondering...what is up with
you and Creao.

Orphen: [smack his forehead as he smugly answer] None of
your damn business.

[Grab Orphen ear] Whaddya mean it's none of my business!

Orphen: Itai! You brat! Let go of my ear! [puts his hand up
and bind Muses]

[ Muses stands there frozen ]

Orphen: [grins] That'll teach you. [ Walks off ]

[Muses unfrozen as soon as Orphen dissapears] Why that
egotiscal, insensitive, wasabi jerk!! [mumbles a few more
incoherent thoughts]


Hmmm.. I wonder if Hiiro is around here? [ hears a safety
go off]


[ hears a monotone omae o korsou wa]


One of my better muses who enjoy telling me that he hates
me. Yuy Hiiro from Gundam Wing. Yes, he is the very same
Hiiro who enjoys pulling his gun in front of you. The very
same Hiiro who wears black spandex with a green tank. The
very same Hiiro who loves to self destruct when he fails a
mission. Code name Wing Zero.

Hiiro: [Glares] I only fail one mission.

[blinks] I know.

Hiiro: Onna..

[Squeaks and scurries off when she sees the look on Hiiro

Hiiro: .... hn .... [ Runs after her ]

Well that was my New Year's entry.