lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-01 20:42:17 (UTC)

sometimes things just happen...

ok so i had the weirdest dream last night. ahh. i know
this whole diary has been about dreams lately, but my
dreams are more interesting than my real life.

i dreamed that somehow i was pregnant, but when i was 3
months pregnant, i lost the baby. i was crying like a
freakshow and going insane, but hume was just a few days
after that. so then we were all getting ready to leave at
church and i was hanging out with mallorie, jessica ham,
winter, and kari...and they were sitting with me but i was
just pouring out tears because i'd lost the baby. and they
had no idea that anything had even happened. they just
kept talking about wanting to buy these magical pants.

and then i went and sat on a couch and tiffany and annika
came up to me with all these questions. and they were
asking if i'd made a "mistake" and i said no. then annika
said, "then how come you got pregnant?" and i
said, "sometimes things just happen..."

it was psycho! and then we left for hume but i had to sit
all by myself because no one wanted to touch me in case it
had been a disease that killed the baby. ahh it was so