This is mine
2002-01-01 20:26:50 (UTC)

boredness (ye carly i said NESS!)

hello yu whoever is reading this. i dont think anyone
actually reads this... but me. i think i only have this
thing so i can get out my feeling-thoughts without having
my hands aching . yeah. well ik i said i'd rate my friends
or whatever,which is really mean but idc. i just hope no
one reads this. that i know, i mean. well here goes. ok i
think i need a key. yeah, i will rate them 1-10 on much i
like them, and then how close we are, 10 being i like them
the most or they are tre tre close. ok lets get started. no
no nvm i will do the one through ten thing later, its too
messy that way.

good thing | bad thing |

anna h-b: fun, also a bum | falls asleep quick so im bored the
whole night

michelyn p: fun, wild | not trustworhty

courtenay c: can relate,her own person | i feel like i am
stealing her away from her bff

erica m: sneaky | sneaky

lauren y: funny | all my friends hate her

jacky m: there are no good things | too many to write down

chris l: ninth grader, will go far ;) | stubborn, thinks i
am annoying

jonny z: good to be around | cant keep a secret

aaron f: soooo many good things | lies to me, pretty
clueless most of the time

emilia t: fun to make fun of | going out with aaron :(

sarah m: her own person | hard to talk to

tyler w: on the inside | cant keep his mouth shut, we dont
get along well

zack w: tres funny | moody sometimes

trevor w: sensitive | makes awful jokes

becky d: benovolent | goody-two-shoes

emily r: not what she seems, better | goes out with the
weirdest boys

emily c: good friend | not in the inside

amy f: great friend | not that funny

carolyn r: trustworhty | emotional, not updated

jackie b: tries her hardest | multi-personality

jessica r: really sweet, nice | consumed with her looks

jessica n: great friend, doesnt care what other peeps think
| hangs with a 'bad' crowd, a lil dirty

christine f: better than your typical barbie | ignores me

cassandra d: tres tres tres funny, fun | ignores me when with becky

nick l: great friend, fun to be around | quiet, hard to
talk to

colby s: nice if you on are her nice side | moody and

taylor d: sweet, or at least tries to be | discriminative

kristy c: real, in the inside | only nice to me when no one
else better is around

tom a: good to me | thinks he's the best

shayla g: can relate, also a bum | consumed with looks

sarah f: real | overly sensitive

well i cant think of anyone else i really talk to.
yeah so i guess if i remember, i will type them in. and i
dot feel like doing the one through ten thing righ now, so
too bad, sry. yeah, i guess i'll go. bye...

Yours truly,