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2002-01-01 20:06:26 (UTC)

happy new year!!!!

i can't believe that it's already the new year! i really
don't wanna go back to school tomorrow...that's the bad
thing about new years day. last night we went to Wright's
house. they had a bunch of their relatives and us there.
adam was there. we played PS2 and i beat him both times!!! i
had never played a playstation before, so i think i did
pretty good. i had more fun than i thought i would. if i
woulda been with my friends i woulda had more fun tho. oh
well...maybe next year. probly not tho. we left there house
at like 11:30 so we didn't even get to be there for the
actual new year. my dad got tired. i had fun while it lasted
tho. i had like 11 mountain dews yesterday. i was really
hyper. it was lots of fun. people all thought i was crazy
tho. i am, so it's ok. i hafta go put my clothes away now.
bye all!

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