Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-01-01 19:25:03 (UTC)


IOe never been so dcred in my kife, im kinda drunk but ive
never fek toke thia.
ON gaylane a car came down the street onfire and the people
jumseped out and it crshed into the yeoman pub, in was in flame on the way down the hill, and
maooris was trying ot stip the tradffice but no one was
ttopping i was so scared that a car would run ito the the
one on fire, or the firte engine and oh my gioe/
I stoodi n the rosad to stcars buyt the wouldnt stop, i was
so scared. There was no 999calls they didn't helm the otley
copstation was cloeses do so we hasd to phine another one
in was hiorrible...
ill write nore twhen i can write.

o wrote this on the joj boeard....i WAS walking ho,efrom my fgrand,as
and this car came speeding down the hill on fucking fire. Everyonce
juspmedout and it wsas on flames and it crashed into a pub an we
thought it was going to hit us, i was scared them it set the piub
almost ion tfier then the fire station arrived and almpst put it out
and i was in the middle of the main reaod waving my arm trying to
stop cars from vxarshing into the back end if the engine, and the car
on fire but they just hurried up, anf i nearly got run iver. we
dialed 99 but they said they didn't do anything for road accietnts
and we dialed otley cop statipmn, but thwy were cloesed so ew phined
sleeds staion and it took then ages to get there. nad i nearly got
reeseted for tryiong to herl.they sdaid i was obsturcting the raos...

and i just wanna cry, i alnpst saved the people in the pub nd on the
street from being blown up, byut satanfing in the road and all i got
was a caution from the corps. the wordl sucks/