Excess Mental Energy
2002-01-01 19:06:41 (UTC)

Happy New Year y'all

So after i left Sam's where we slept over ("slept" in
loosest sense of the word, i seem to remember losing
consciousness shortly after someone [sam? beth? i don't
know, i didn't have my glasses on] bounced up at 5 am and
said "let's watch Ever After!") my mom and i went to the
grocery store and to Kmart for windshield washer fluid
(must have clean windshield!!!) and i wore my little
sparkly "Happy New Year" tiara into both places. The
cashiers were amused. I'm still wearing it.

I have to say, even though I was thoroughly outschwanked
(the Sporty Spice look was just not up to par with the
dressier schwank mustered by the girls), the party was
loads of fun. "Ancient Monarchs" is the best category for
charades, definitely. (CC and Kochemon, I forgive you for
dropping me after carrying me in as Cleopatra. It's a good
thing someone guessed before I hit the floor because I
don't think I'd have made it back up.) I am, however,
bitterly disappointed that lack of interest kept the
Britney Spears Karaoke Contest from getting off the ground.
I'd have paid to hear any of the guys sing, and i was all
ready to burst out with "I'm A Slave For You." I think
playing the piano and singing "Santa Baby" (Santa Baber?
why didn't anybody think of that? or was he already gone by
the time we started the piano thing?) made up for it
though. All in all, twas a schwanky good time... love you