Angels diserve to die
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2002-01-01 19:03:29 (UTC)

The Story of a Fallen Angel continued

I think that certain people are angels. There aren't very
many, but you can find them wherever they are. They bring
happiness to others with a simple smile, another person can
forget about all their troubles and when you are hugged by
an angel. Nothing in the world is more important angels
are also deceiving sometimes, in an innocent sort of way
they can leave a person thinking of them for days, wanting
to see their smile again and to hug them again. That
person is filled with a warm feeling that hasn't been felt
for so long. They feel loved again. They want more than
anything to tell the angel how important they are to that
person, but they're afraid. I think that friends can be
angels too because friends are the most important things in
a person's life, besides ones parents. They will always be
there for you...(a Friend)

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