2002-01-01 19:03:00 (UTC)

Starting the New Year

Well, it's 2002 now. I can't believe it. This is the year I
have been waiting for. I turn 18 in two weeks, and not a
moment too soon. I can't wait to be an "adult" and be
allowed to do things. I hope I'll be able to go to a club
to celebrate. I'm trying to talk my parents into letting me
stay out late that night. Yes, most night life occurs after
midnight. My dad doesn't understand that. He says that
people should just start doing things earlier. It's not
like it's the amount of time people have to be doing
things. Regardless of whether you start at 2 in the
afternoon or 10 at night, you (meaning me and other non-
parental people)will still not want to come home early and
go to bed. Staying out all night, or at least pretty late
is fun! That's why I can't wait until I go to college next
year. Then, I can do what I want when I want and as late as
I want. I'm not going to go out and become a crack whore, I
just want to be able to have a little fun. That's all for
now. I'll write later about my curse of having bad New
Year's Eves.