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2002-01-01 18:23:42 (UTC)

Happy New Year

Mood: Tired and Thoughtful
TV: Football game or something
Time: 3: 27 AM (1-2-02) Tokyo Standard Time

Wow, where to begin? Well, I'm rich now, which is very
cool. I love the Japanese tradition where adults gives
money to their grandkids and nephews and such. I tried to
be polite and tell them that I'm an adult now, but they all
said 'This is the last year then' :) Who am I to complain.

I am so fricken stuffed. My Japanese family all lives on
like the same block in Naha, so we did the door-to-door
feasting thing. My grandparents both asked if I lost weight
since November ... I guess its the way I've been so sick. I
feel like I'm wasting away. Oh, my boss called New Years
Eve before I would've come in and told me to take the night
off so I did. My brothers had to wake me up for the
countdown :D Overall, the past two days have been pretty
uneventful. I hung out with Reid and his buddies tonight,
so that was kind of cool. We all shot pool until around 1
AM and then I asked him to drop me off here. I was hoping I
could catch Mon or someone, but its been pretty slow
tonight. I'm just talking to Melanie (my shrink/friend)
right now.

I've missed Mon ... what else is new :) We kind of had a
fight a few days ago, but it was over something stupid and
I won't talk about it here. She thinks I get mad too
quickly :( I wasn't really mad ... just kind of sad about
what she was saying so I wanted to leave before one of us
said something we'd regret. ::hugs Monica::

That's about it. I should be in for work tomorrow. Wow ...
only 8 more days until Reid takes off :(

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