Life without a Script
2002-01-01 18:22:03 (UTC)

The Day after perhaps a result

Well I have finally recovered from my druken stupor of
last night and am so hating myself for having no cigs.
Perhaps I will cheat on my resolution and just promisis
myself I will quite this year for sure and go slow rather
than cold turkey. I am expecting Katerina and Andrew
over soon and am wondering how that is going to go over
since he stayed over at her house. Andrew is an ok guy
but I now all he really cares about is having a girl with
a home so he will have a place to live. And I am sure that
Katerina realizes this but I am unsure of how well he can
convince her that he is the man for her... It is not
that I am overly jelous on this issues and it is not cause
that I have the "If I can't have her attitude then you
can't either" It is more like I don';t want him to ruin
another girls life like he has done in the past.

Well I will leave the rest of todays stories later on
tonight when all is said and done....till then...ciao

Well the is at a end and thing turned out completely different that
what I expected. Andrew and Katrina came over and we all just
kinda hanged out and watched a movie...Jay and Silent Bob Strike
Back I think... Anyhow Andrew finally got ahold of his ex and went
home to get some new clothing. Leaving myself and Katrina alone
since Don and Neil was out the place was ours.

We engaged in some idle chit chat and sone came the questions of how
I felt about her. Basically she wanted to know if I wanted to try a
relationship with her and if I was attracted to her. I said yes and
soon after a kiss followed, started by her... I was so close to
just holding her in my arms and kissing her for longer but the door
was rining and I had to answer. It was Andrew so our time was cut

After her and Andrew left she mentioned how she was going to stop
over tommarow after I got off work and hang out, perhaps tomarrow
will be a more interesting day...lets hope...anyhow off to bed, my
cat dolby is looking at me weird so I guess that is my queue to go
and lay down to pet her. Night all

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