2002-01-01 18:11:31 (UTC)

First day hopes and nerves and excitement

Top Ten New Years Resolutions

10. Take vitamins every day.. women's multi, and B12
9. Don't hesitate, speak up, clearly, and honestly.
8. Figure out school goals.. Masters/new bachelors.
whatever, but figure it out.
7. DO something about what you figured out with school
6. Focus on skin, nails, hair, girly stuff, work on it,
use moisturizer, lotion, eye cream, get manicures (w/o
5. Cut down to 1/2 pack of cigs a day and 2 glasses of diet
pepsi a day.
4. Get a new job.
3. Go to gym 4 times a week.
2. Lose weight. (Do the weight watchers thing, lean
cuisine meals,
eat veggies and fruit)
1. Feel better about myself, lose the weight, work out,
feel better so things will get better. concentrate and
focus on what is GOOD for me, what i NEED to do, not just
what i want to do, what feels good for the minute.

End result of these goals is that i don't spend another
Christmas or New Years by myself, w/o any friends to buy
for or someone to kiss on New Years Eve.

Good luck to me :)