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2002-01-01 17:27:15 (UTC)

happy new years!

well, it's finally the new years. lol. not a big deal i
guess. i mean, the world didnt end like everyone thought it
would in the year 2000. goodness. yesterday i went to the
orthopedics, and guess what. i have to have knee surgery.
i'm not the least bit thrilled. more like scared. and i had
to get blood drawn yesterday. i swear that guy tried to
kill me. lol. i hate needles for starters, so i was all
nervous. so then he stabs my right arm, and misses! grrrr!
so then he had to stab my left arm. it was so gross. i dont
mind watching blood being drawn from other people, but i
dont like it when it's comin out of my arms. and it's only
cuz i hate needles. but next monday, i have to have the
surgery. meaning i wont be in school on monday or tuesday.
great, huh. it's such a thrill.......anyways, i was at
sam's til 10 last nite, and then came home......ok enough
on that. but right now, i'm soooooooooooooo tired, and i
have a headache. it's just great. i think i should go get
ready for a day of bordem. and vacation ends tomorrow. :o
i so do not want to go back to school. this sucks.....

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