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2002-01-01 17:25:11 (UTC)

new years eve

ohh my....
last night was so good untill about 10:30.
A bunch of guys who i thought were my friends stole my
other 3 friends shoes a total of like 500 dollars.they then
had the guts to come over and threaten my friend antal and
when he did that i pushed him to the ground and started
walling on him,I mean i kicked him extermly hard in the gut
then when he got up he called me a slut and a bitch so i
slapped him in the face and told everyone to leave and not
to come back.So we all rang in the new year.Then they came
back to appoligize i told them all they can kiss my ass im
not exsepting it.and Chris wanted to jump them after they
came in the house.So did i but i told him to call my mom
cause i didnt want to be there.
But other than that my night was all good. I got loaded,
partied danced had great sex.Ohhh yaa i mentioned a long
time ago chris and one of my bests are not friends any more
but i think last night they made an improvement they were
talkin and everything.they even joked around.
and i finally got along with peolpe i usually have a hard
time getting along with.
And not to mention i followed through with my New Years
resolution i now have a new look.

thats about it

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