Lady Xanax

The Thoughts, Musings, Work, and Ramblin
2001-04-09 20:05:20 (UTC)

My English Teacher's Mad at Me and My Icon Doesn't Know that I Exist

Hello happy people! Hope your day has been good.
Mine leaves things to be desired. My English teacher is
mad at me because I wrote a really weird story about
courage. It was about me rescuing my best frien from a
vampire sex feind. My teacher is just high strung I
guess. Also, I saw my "icon" today. You ever have one of
those people that you really look up to, but you're too
chicken to ever say anything to them? That's how it is
with this girl I know named Laura. She lives in New
Orleans, and her mom was my junior high english teacher.
I'm not sure what I admire more, Laura, or the idea of
Laura. Hmmmm? Good question...... Oh well, perhaps one
day I'll grow a backbone. You just have to understand,
Laura is the personification of everything that I want to
be like. She is an individual, she is a talented and
published writer, an actress, and an overall wonderful and
beautiful person. Don't think I want to model myself after
her, then I wouldn't be "ME", Joyce. I'd be a cheap
carbon copy of someone else. That is dumb. I am just very
inspired by Laura. Mein engal is gone for the moment.
He's gone to pick up the DeLorean. He bought it! I am soo
happy for him! He's been wanting one forever. Now he has
one. I am so glad. Life is really pretty good at the
moment. Everything looks beautiful from where I am
sitting. I hope that it lasts. The only thing that kind
of has me down is the knowledge that I will have to go
exercise momentarily. Oh well, my goal is to exercise
everyday for 30 days. By then it should become a habit. I
can't complain too much because exercise will benifit me in
the long run. After I exercise, I am going to do the tons
of homework that lay before me. Uggggh! Oh well,
hopefully I will get to watch Velvet Goldmine tonight.
That movie is so beautiful and has such a good message to
it. Now, for a little tid bit from the dark recesses of
Lady Xanax's mind.

Ass Backwards Christian Girl
I am cynical. I am satirical.
Does that make me a sinner?
I'm sacastic sometimes.
Who cares? Let's go rip some flesh.

I love God and Jesus
I try to be a perfect little
Christian girl.
But I love combat boots &
I love hard core rock & roll.
Forget dolls and curls.

I go to church on Sundays;
I pray, confess my sins.
(Wonder if my life is God's soap opera?)
Then I go out, sin, sin, sin again.
Sex is sex and not for me.
Maybe God will understand
Making Love.

I try so hard to be so good,
"Don't swear, walk straight, Love all, don't hate!"
My morals truly, but sometimes I just want to;
Say shit and fuck a million times,
Spill my guts on the radio for the world to hear,
Make Love all night long.
Get drunk. Get high.
Bring the marshmallows when I die.
On a bad day, preacher man's gonna damn me to hell.
Keep it all in......
I'll be his poster girl.
But what preacher man won't know is,
I'm still an Ass Backwards christian girl.

Love to you all. Stay wilder than the wind and blow me
into cry.............

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