Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2002-01-01 16:43:30 (UTC)


Okay, Lourre's been broken up with, but now I have another
trouble. I had a long talk with my mom last night, and now
I'm not alowed to snuggle, or kiss, or anything besides hug
Kiara... Its better than being grounded.. But geeze does it
ever suck... Nice way to role in the new year, huh?

She thinks I should date "Real" people. All the people out
here pretending to be someone else are real? thats nice.
She says, "You arent as strange as you make yourself out to
be." and whenever I say that I act at school the same way I
act here, she wont accept it. I just have to say something
stupid like, "I like to scare people away at school when
they make me angry." I dunno, she'll never understand... I
wish she would stay out of it.

Besides that, theres no news, nothing is that great ATM,
but I'm sure I can improve it later.

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